Gallery Proposal (Layout)

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Important Gallery Proposal (Layout)

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:06 pm

Here, there's a small layout *Format that has to be followed. The following, format is to be used or else your proposal will be refused and closed.



[color=cyan][b]Font Size[/b][/color]:
[b][color=indigo]Blank Image[/color][/b]:
[color=cyan][b]PSD File[/b][/color]:

Will look something like this,

Font Size:
Blank Image:
PSD File:

Please note: If your proposal is not in this format, you will be asked to place it into this format within 24 hours of amount time given. Therefore, if you fail to change it to the format within the amount of time given, it'll be closed and refused.

Thank you.
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